Teaching Philosophy

As an ESL teacher, my goal is to create a safe and comfortable environment in the classroom in which my students can thrive. Knowing and understanding each students background and learning style is crucial to increasing their language proficiency, and how to best address every students individual needs. I want to find out what interests my students, and create lessons that will engage them in a meaningful way. Making content immediately relevant for ESL students is important to keep them motivated.

It is extremely important to respect and value what each student brings to the classroom. My classroom will demonstrate a celebration of all the various cultures of the students by flags, artifacts, pictures, etc. This way, differences between students will be celebrated, not merely tolerated.

My classroom will be student-oriented and goal-driven. Students should be active communicators in the classroom through class discussions, group work, and one-on-one conversations with necessary supports to ensure goals are met. In the information age we currently live in, students have many resources to work toward their individual goals. It is my job to provide them with the resources to find success.

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